Free speech zones moved because of construction

Julieta Hernandez

Del Mar College’s free speech zones have been temporarily relocated because of campus construction.

The college is still deciding whether these zones will become permanent, according to Lauren White, head of the Safety Office on campus. In addition to making zones permanent, the college is discussing whether to change the process to use the zones. As of now, anyone wanting to use the zone has had to fill out a form with campus security first.

The new temporary zones are in front of Del Mar’s administration building main entrance, in front of the Harvin Center on the north side, and in front of the Coleman Center on West Campus, according to Beverly Cage, head of Student Leadership and Campus Life.

“If students are passionate about a particular organization, or events, politics, religion, or anything, they have a right to voice their opinion in a peaceful manner,” Cage said.

Del Mar College’s free speech zones have been used by students to preach, among other causes.

Cage reminds that anyone planning on using free speech areas to contact campus security before doing so. After filling out a form, campus security will be knowledgeable of your presence of free speech zones and make sure you’re protected and allowed to speak safely.

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