One of the key aspects in acquiring a job is building a coherent resumé, and Del Mar College can assist students in this area.

The college holds a resumé-writing clinic twice every semester on the East Campus. The next resume writing clinics will be held at 1 p.m. Nov. 3 and at 11 a.m. Nov. 6 in the Career Kiosk in the Harvin Center.

“A good resumé will get you an interview; it won’t get you the job,” said Vanessa Adkins, career coordinator for Del Mar College.

To further assist students in building a resumé and seeking out a job, there are various computer programs available, including in the Career Kiosk in the Harvin Center and Stone Writing Center.

According to Adkins, some common mistakes seen in a resumé are things like students putting hobbies and interests. Whatever the company needs is of primary importance. One of the biggest mistakes students make is they don’t put what’s required on a resume.

“They’re not tailoring the objective to the company or job they’re applying for,” Adkins said.

Finally, students should avoid putting age, religion, sexual preference and any inappropriate email addresses.

“There was great refinement in the resumé and it was a very good and professional experience,” said Del Mar student Victor Alcocer Jr.

The hiring process for a company and the resumé go hand in glove.

Todd Farley, a general manager for Cintas who has extensive experience with the hiring process, offered his own advice.

“Every position has a set of must haves,” Farley said.

Bringing a long-term person on board is vital. Some red flags Farley looks for are gaps in employment and multiple jobs.

To be a success a student must always have a running modified resumé, according to Adkins.

Adkins said resumés should be one page.

References are significant in the scheme of things.

“A reference can be the key to assessing how you fit in within the organization,” Adkins said.

Students have to work hard to build their resumés.

“The importance of a resumé is high because it is a reflection of the student and their future career pathway,” Adkins said.

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