Slice of the Big Apple in South Texas

A local business offers a slice of New York and Italian cuisine to Corpus Christi, which is a marked difference from big food chains in the area.


Authentic New York Pizza is a unique treat and an excellent pizza stop. I had two four-cheese pizza slices and the display confused me for a moment because from personal experiences around Corpus Christi with pizza, which mostly revolve around food chain pizzas such as Pizza Hut, Little Caesars and such, seeing a thick cheese-covered slice of pizza was not in mind when ordering. As for the taste itself, each bite was a cheese sensation.

The best thing about the slices was the perfect blend of ingredients used. Unlike some pizza places, it was not too much nor too little of anything. The sauce was not over the top, the cheese was baked perfectly over the slice without overpowering the sauce and the crust was flavorful. Not only was the presentation mouthwatering, but the taste itself delivered.

I would definitely recommend this pizza place to anyone looking for a good quality pizza. It is different than the food chains and in my opinion is much better tasting.

Rating: 4/5

Price per slice: $3

18-inch whole pizza: $13 and up


I’m no guru on New York pizza, but after visiting the Big Apple and trying a slice of authentic pizza, I have an idea of what it should taste like. Authentic New York Pizza captures that style and taste in its pizza.

I wanted to try something simple yet it was what I had when I went to New York. I had a simple pepperoni pizza but after taking the first bite, it went from simple to unique. The ingredients used on the pizza taste real and fresh, you can tell from the smell. The slice had the perfect and even amount of ingredients that one did not overpower the other.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is like a typical pizza place in New York. It is completely different than Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Papa John’s, etc. It felt comforting with the live music and the awesome art on the walls, and the staff made you feel more welcomed.

The prices were honestly the best. The three slices of pizza from a 18-inch was only $10.32 and just eating one slice I was full. A large cheese pizza from Pizza Hut is around $13 whereas a 16-inch inch pizza (which is bigger) can feed a family of five at Authentic New York Pizza for $13. And pizza is not all they have, as they also offer sandwiches, pastas, wings and a variety of specialty pizzas.

Authentic New York Pizza is by far one of my favorite places to eat with my family. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something different than the big chains and authentic from a place that is hundreds of miles away. I might bring Lennon here more often too so we can remember our trip to the Big Apple.

Rating: 5/5

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