Ultimate Frisbee tourney soars


With table tennis, a 5K fun run and an intense Ultimate Frisbee tournament, the past two weeks have been busy for Del Mar College Intramurals.

Ultimate Frisbee was played in the gymnasium from Oct. 10-19. On the last day, the players were divided up into four teams and then competed for a spot in the finals.

The two teams that ended up going into the final round were The Unknowns and The Upper E.

The Unknowns had been undefeated all season and were looking for one final victory on Oct. 19. The Upper E were looking to take that away from them.

Evelyn Flores, a member of The Upper E, is no stranger to intramurals but decided to try a new sport this semester.

“With this being my last year, I really felt that I needed not to only participate in volleyball but other sports. I started with volleyball and right now I’m doing Ultimate Frisbee.”

Flores goes to Collegiate, where there are not any official sports like the traditional high school. This has affected her life since she participated in sports before going to high school.

“It’s a great experience since we don’t only get to play, but we meet new people and eventually become new friends. It’s devastating that this is my last year but I’m happy I did sports, which is what I love,” Flores said.

Even the crowds got into the games. There was a ton of commentary being shouted from both sides of the gymnasium. This came from being happy for their team to being envious of the other.

Stanley Uzoigwe, a student who occasionally watches and participates in the tournaments, was there supporting his friends and past teammates.

“The Ultimate Frisbee game was exciting. There was sweat and wit plastered throughout the court. It was interesting to see how the teams came together and worked together in order to score,” Uzoigwe said.101717_RecSports (4 of 8)

Uzoigwe said he might participate in future intramural events.

“I could definitely see myself coming back. Yeah, yeah I could definitely see myself coming back. Maybe one of these days, I might even play,” Uzoigwe said.

As for one of the team leaders of The Unknowns, Miriam Duran, this win meant a lot to her.

“This win was absolutely incredible. My teammates and I worked well together, we played by the rules and respected everyone. I loved playing with them, we had such a great time! Wouldn’t have wanted another team,” Duran said.

Duran has done multiple tournaments and has helped lead most of them. She continues to play full of excitement and is eager to participate in more games.

Next up for intramurals is 5-on-5 basketball, set for Oct. 23-26 in the gym.

Oct. 23-26: 5-on-5 Basketball

Oct. 30: Hot Shot Contest

Nov. 1: Dodgeball

Nov. 2: Pickleball Tournament

Nov. 6-9: 5 on 5 Flag Football

Nov. 13-16: 3 on 3 Basketball

Nov. 20: 3-point Contest

Nov. 28-30: 5 on 5 Indoor Soccer

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