Preparing for the workforce

Jennifer Gracia

On the fourth floor of the Del Mar White Library, the Career Readiness Institute hosted a Lunch and Learn for about 40 students on Nov. 15.

Yazmin Diaz introduced the professional guest panel, Charles A. Nickerson, a consultant for DMC corporate services; Teri D. Samo, DMC business instructor; and Gina Ronje, DMC financial planning counselor with Title V.

Ronje spoke about salary negotiation, urging students to research the salary for the position, consider all benefits and ask questions before accepting an offer, and not to underestimate one’s own worth.

Diaz explained the services offered to students by the Career Readiness Institute.

“We have a software called Interview Stream, where a student can record themselves, and review how they respond during the interview process. Little words such as ‘um’ and ‘like’ do count in an interview. We want to help with soft skills which are so important to have in order to maintain a job,” Diaz said.

Door prizes and gifts were distributed to close out the event. Free professional headshots were also being offered to students after the event.

“The headshots are a service we offer to students, until the semester ends,” said Justin Luna, a student employee at the CRI.

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