Making the financial aid process manageable

Workshops offered year-round to help students with the process

If you are having any problems with admissions or the financial aid process, the “Del Mar. Delivered.” workshop can help.

The workshops, offered year-round, help students with all steps to get enrolled at Del Mar, including admissions applications as well as the entire admission process.

The workshop is designed for any student, prospective or current, who at any point needs help in the admissions or FAFSA process.

“This workshop helps them get to that point so that all they have to do is meet with an adviser to register,” said Sara King, coordinator of recruitment.

A team of outreach and enrollment specialists will help you obtain and complete the documents needed, whether it be for admissions, financial aid or scholarship applications. The workshops are in a group setting, but there are enough specialists available so everyone can have one-on-one time for personal questions or specific individual needs.

The workshops are for those who don’t know where to start, or what their next step is, but students can come in and simply use the computer to complete the steps if that’s all that is needed.

“It can be overwhelming,” King said. “We give them an admissions checklist and it looks like a whole lot, so it can be a little intimidating. The good thing is we can break the list down into bits, so students can tackle a few things at a time instead of feeling like they need to tackle it all at once.”

Even if you feel your question or confusion is silly, it is likely shared by other students.

“A lot of prospective or current students are afraid to ask questions because they’ll look stupid, or look like a fool. That is not at all the case,” King said. “There is no dumb question, there is no question that we haven’t heard before. Never be afraid to come to the workshop, and never be afraid to ask any question you might have.”

The next workshops will be from 4-7 p.m. April 23 and 30 in Room 127 of the Harvin Student Center on East Campus.

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