Teens stun in style at the collegiate prom

Seniors, juniors spend the night dancing, singing

The anticipation was high as the crowd waited in silence for the prom king and queen to be named. Each elected nominee looked to the crowd and waited for the moment to come.

Prom committee sponsor and Collegiate High School teacher Tammy Alcala rose to the microphone, announcing the 2018 Collegiate prom king and queen, Adera Boudreaux and Nathaniel Anzaldua.

At last, the crowd cheered and clapped in their honor.

Collegiate High School seniors and juniors celebrated prom April 13 with the theme “A Night in the City.” Nearly 100 students showed up.

Boudreaux, the prom queen, was elected alongside her boyfriend, Anzaldua.

“My relationship with Nathaniel was being recognized,” Boudreaux said. “It was better being elected with my boyfriend.”

All night the students took photos, danced and sang along to popular songs.

For some prom wasn’t just a night of fun but rather of sentimental value.

Senior Joe Moreno brought his mother as a date. She dropped out of high school at age 17, giving birth to Moreno. Although she missed her prom, Moreno wanted to give that special day to her.

After posting a photo of him and his mom at the prom on Twitter, people fell in love with his story. Within a few days of the prom, Moreno’s tweet had been retweeted over 26,000 times and liked 161,000 times.

“My mom had me at the age of 17. She dropped out of high school to focus on giving me her all,” Moreno’s tweet said. “Last night I gave her the prom night she never had.”

As the night came to an end, the ritual of American youth known as prom was everything and more to student Carolyn Robles.

“I had so much fun at prom. It was just like the movies,” Robles said. “I really loved seeing all my friends get dressed up and have a good time.”


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