Class focuses on career readiness

With competition for jobs growing, Del Mar College hopes to expand students’ future employment skills through a new class.

Students in the Learning Frameworks class will focus on problem solving, communication skills and learning how to present themselves to potential employers.

“All these skills are very transferable into the workplace,” said Christine Lamb, instructor of Student Success and founder of the new course.

The skills taught in the class will give students an advantage to get their foot in the door, Lamb said.

“We don’t oftentimes get to pick where we are working, or who we are working with,” she said.

Lamb said the course has another advantage.

“A student can take it and it can transfer to other colleges and universities as well,” she said.

The class prepares students for real-world expectations and responsibilities.

“I think that’s an excellent class to take especially since you’ll need a resume for culinary,” said culinary major Chelsea Ruiz.

With the experience that is gained through teambuilding exercises, class discussion and marketing, students can expect to gain lifelong skills.

“If you think that the class will be beneficial then I don’t see why you shouldn’t take it,” said culinary major Oshabell Anguiano.

Having the skills to sell yourself to a potential employer can carry you far in the workforce, Lamb said.

“You never know what someone’s background or morals are, but you’re still going to have to make it work,” she said.

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  1. Thank you for the article. It means the world to me to work at Del Mar College and help make a difference for our students.

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