Jobs for all at DMC

Del Mar hosts fair to give students opportunities

In an effort to provide opportunites to students beyond school, Del Mar hosted a job fair on both West and East campus to expose them to companies they may want to work for.

The job fair took place on East Campus Nov. 6 in the Harvin Center and West Campus Nov. 7 in the Coleman Center.

Although job fairs are important and beneficial, many students don’t realize the urgency and importance that comes with building relationships with business officials.

In an effort to fix this problem, many professors have made it a mandatory event for their students to attend.

Nursing professor Sandra De Leon talked about the West Campus job fair explaining, “it appeals to nursing and engineering majors.”

“I make it a mandatory event for my students so they can see what their different options are outside of the schooling aspect,” De Leon said.

Major companies such as Exxon, Stripes and various hospital departments seeking students for small internships or simply just exposure to the field attended the fair.

The East Campus job fair appealed to all majors.

Del Mar student Anthony Torres, process technology major, attended the job fair for the first time and was eager to see what it was all about.

“I came to see what opportunities are right now,” Torres said. “Go to school, get a job all at the same time.”

The job fair not only offered opportunities to meet with various companies but resources needed to prepare for a job as well.

One of the booths at the job fair was Miss Kimberly, etiquette coach, teaching the importance of first impressions.

One of the major things that Kimberly found common with students involved with nursing and engineering majors was that they lacked the right preparation for job interviews.

“Every little thing matters — from how you dress to how you act,” Kimberly said. “I try to stress that as much as possible. It’s all about how you present yourself.”

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