Communication is key in sorting confrontation

Dear Tina,

My partner and I both go to Del Mar so we have finals coming up very soon. We were studying together the other evening and when he tried to help me with something I yelled at him because I was frustrated. My partner does not like confrontation so rather than deal with me he just took his stuff and left. I’m totally devastated because I didn’t mean to yell at him but he isn’t answering his phone or my text messages so I have not been able to apologize. What should I do to make things right?

Thank you,



Dear Sorry,

I can understand your issue. I just recently went through the same thing with my boyfriend.

My suggestion would be to let things sit for a few days and give him space. Once he responds to your text or calls, offer to do something nice for him as an apology. Also be willing to take responsibility for your anger and apologize.

Try to talk about how y’all communicate because he can’t just get up and leave every time there is a problem because that never solves anything — it just lets things sit and does not fix anything. I’m sure things will work out for you both.


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