Natural remedy heals body and mind

Winter is still in session and it is important to take care of yourself. Many swear by the benefits of essentials oils as they are a natural remedy for healing your body and immune system. 

Using essential oils has a lot of benefits to promote good health. The most commonly used oil is lavender. Lavender, according to, is an herb used to make medicine. It is also used to relieve anxiety, depression, headaches, pain and restlessness. People even use dried lavender to brew tea. It is also known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. 

Another well-known oil is frankincense. Frankincense helps boost immunity and fight infections, according to an article by Dr. Josh Axe on Other oils, like oregano, ginger, lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint and cinnamon, also have great health benefits for the immune system. 

There are many uses for essential oils, which are listed in If regular store- bought medicines are not helping with body aches, pain, sleep, colds and other health issues, try using essential oils. But, before you try any of them, test a small batch as some oils can cause mild allergic reactions. Essential oils are all natural, coming from many different flowers and herbs. 

There are many ways to use the oils. Having a diffuser to diffuse the oil in the air is effective, as is wearing an oil diffuser necklace or bracelet. Some even use diffusers like Monq, where the oils are inhaled. There is no definite answer as to whether it is safe, it just depends on the amount of oil that is inhaled. 

Essential oils are highly recommended by many doctors for females because they help promote hormones and balance estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, thyroid and testosterone levels. Men, don’t worry, there are essential oils that don’t have that effect. Also, oils are made for adults only, but there are some made just for children. 

As always, before using essential oils, it is also recommended to consult with your own doctor.

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