Scholarship applications accepted

Scholarship applications for the 2019-20 school year are now available. Any student in need of financial assistance should apply.

“Eligible students who apply for a specific scholarship go through a selection process that takes into consideration criteria such as GPA, financial need, credit hours, enrollment status, as well as any other information that may be applicable to that specific scholarship,” said Elsie Odom, scholarship coordinator. “Having said that, students have to have at least a 2.0 GPA or a GED equivalency and will be enrolled in at least part-time (6-11) hours to be eligible to apply for Foundation scholarships.”

The regular online scholarship application, which awards for the upcoming academic year, is open every spring from Feb. 1 to April 30.

“We also have the ‘Emergency Scholarship’ application that students can apply for anytime throughout year,” Odom said. “This scholarship is for students who have had some type of unforeseen emergency. Students can get awarded only ‘one’ time throughout their stay at DMC.”

Emilie Alaniz, a journalism major, said she received an emergency scholarship.

“I applied because I was a full-time student,” Alaniz said. “I didn’t have a job and I have a kid. The scholarship made things just a little bit easier.”

Students can also apply for loans through the Emergency Scholarship application or the Viking Loan Program, but these loans must be paid back.

“(The Viking Loan Program) opportunity is for students who will be receiving financial aid (through the FAFSA). However, the students’ funds will not get here on time to pay for their tuition,” Odom said. “Once students apply for the Viking Loan application, and we verify that they will be receiving financial aid, we, the Foundation Office will pay for their tuition. Once the student’s financial aid comes through, the student will pay us back.”

Odom said there are major-specific scholarships available as well as general scholarships, which may be awarded to students enrolled in any field.

“Our goal is to provide assistance to as many applicants as possible but due to the specific criteria of some scholarships, some students occasionally receive more than one award,” she said.

Though some students may be hesitant to apply for scholarships, thinking they may not receive anything, the DMC Foundation awards as many eligible students as possible.

“Our available funding for academic year 2018-19 made it possible to provide awards to 70 percent of the eligible students who applied,” Odom said. “All students should take the opportunity to apply for Del Mar College Foundation scholarships. The scholarships that we, the Foundation Office offers, are only for Del Mar College students.”

Odom said the Foundation has a wide range of scholarship opportunities available for every student.

“Never doubt yourself,” she said. “Scholarships are investments in your future. And, it’s funding you don’t have to pay back. Receiving a scholarship can also open doors to employment opportunities.”

Any student wishing to apply for Del Mar scholarships can apply at by April 30.

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