Surrogate mom turns into psycho-stalker

Finally, the perfect movie for a date night that won’t have you or your partner horrified. 

The classic tale of not trusting strangers and looking out for stalkers takes a new twist in the thriller “Greta.” A daughter who recently lost her mother and takes comfort in a normal looking psycho in New York City makes a nice plot. Stalkers will go above and beyond to get ahold of you. In this case, it went too far.

This film is directed by Neil Jordan and stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Isabelle Huppert and Maika Monroe. Moretz portrays a naïve Boston-raised girl, Frances McMullen, who stumbles upon an unattended handbag in the New York City subway. She decides to attempt to do the right thing by returning it to the owner, but little does she know this is the worst mistake of her life.

The film contains a lot of foreshadowing, which leads viewers directly into what is going to happen next. The typical popup scare is used mildly, but the suspense is pretty good. 

Moretz does a great job playing an innocent young waitress, maybe even a little too good. When it comes to self-defense it should always be in our nature. For the character Frances it’s as if the character doesn’t even have one clue of how to throw a punch. Frances has a little moment of courage in the film but then it soon flushes away. 

Huppert does a great job at portraying a relentless stalker, Greta Hideg, residing in New York City, having various freak-out moments that keep viewers’ attention and terrify Moretz’s character.  

It only goes to show that there are some strange people residing in major cities. When it comes to stalking laws there is only so much the police can do before it becomes too serious. 

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