Study buddies or flying solo

Maintaining proper organization and preparation can make a huge difference when it comes to school performance.  

When starting off in college, it may take some time to find the best study method for you. Different methods may include listening to certain types of music, group studying or even just sitting in the quiet. 

At Del Mar’s Student Success Center, they not only provide tutoring to students in various subjects but they also help recommend study methods that may help for tests and exams.

The SSC suggested a few basics that students should do while attending class to help them understand lectures, which could make studying easier, such as listening and taking notes in class, never being afraid to ask questions and always looking over mistakes made on assignments. 

They also encourage students to have the right mindset while studying, which includes avoiding negative self-talk. When wanting to study it is best to make a study schedule during the semester and to always space out study sessions, as time management is a necessity.

The Department of Psychology at The University of California San Diego has also listed effective learning techniques based on decades of learning science research. It states that spaced studying and practice testing are the two most effective methods known. 

UCSanDiego also shows that self-explanation, which is coming up with creative explanations of “to-be-learned” concepts or ideas, can be helpful, as well as not only studying from written context but also graphical formats. 

Although studying is important during school, the most effective way to keep focused while learning is to get enough sleep. The human brain is known to become less efficient with every hour of sleep missed. Reasonable sleep times are recommended even while studying, and it is noted that studying before sleep can actually improve memorization.

Studying can bring stress, but there are various places on campus that are willing to help ease that stress and help accommodate you the best they can such as the Student Success Center, Math Learning Center and the Stone Writing Center. 

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