Netflix movie fails with clichés and basic story plot; lacks effort

Snow may be magical, but not in Netflix’s new film “Let It Snow.”

The new Christmas rom-com, “Let It Snow” tells three stories of high school seniors who each have their own problems to deal with on a snowy Christmas Eve. 

The film begins with the narrator Joan Cusack, who introduces the story of how powerful snow can be as it can bring people together. 

The audience is then introduced to Julie, who runs into a famous popstar Stewart, while trying to figure out if she should attend college after graduation or stay back to help her sick mother.

As the couple gets to know each other, Stewart and Julie begin to teach each other not just what Christmas can be about but what life can be if they just give it a chance.

Across town, dorky teenager Tobin is introduced as he helps his friend Keon get ready for a Christmas party. Although Tobin is troubled as he is conflicted on telling his best friend and crush Angie how he really feels for her.

With relationships blooming, Angie is having issues with her boyfriend that doesn’t seem to appreciate her.

All the while she is ignoring her best friend Dorrie, who is having her own issues when her crush avoids her because she hasn’t come out of the closet yet.

While “Let It Snow” may seem like a cute comedy to watch during the holidays, it isn’t worth it in the end as the plot lacks detail.

As most films with various stories are explained throughout the movie by jumping in and out of stories trying to keep the flow, this Netflix film lacks that concept as it is too rushed.

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