Meet the editors

John Oliva, editor-in-chief

My name is John Oliva and I’m returning as editor-in-chief for a second semester. I am set to graduate at the end of this semester with my associate degree in journalism.

I originally graduated from W.B. Ray back in 2010 and started my first semester at Del Mar in the spring of 2011 with a major in English education. After that first semester, I did not come back to Del Mar until the fall of 2018 because of financial reasons.

When I did come back, I changed my major to journalism and started writing stories for Foghorn News right away. My first budget meeting I volunteered to write a story about the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, not knowing it was going to be one of the main stories for that issue.

After help from my advisers, I was able to form my first story with pride. From then on in, I picked up stories left and right and came up with my own along the way. I eventually became managing editor and then editor-in-chief.

I was a fish fresh out of water when it came to working with the many programs one has to use to put a newspaper together. Fortunately, I’m a quick learner and was able to pick it up easily. I also learned how necessary the world of news is for everyone.

Journalism is an important factor to all because reporters provide the world with news, updates, entertainment and facts. It’s a great feeling to see your work published and to hear feedback from the readers.

I feel it is our duty to make sure this campus and community knows about every important event that happens here. Whether it be the Counseling Center offering bags of lavender to help students destress, Valdar the Viking celebrating his birthday or highlighting one of the many services Del Mar College has to offer all of us.

I hope you all enjoy what we put out this semester and remember to tip your servers at least 18%.

Liz Acevedo, managing editor

My name is Liz Acevedo and I’m the managing editor. I bounced from major to major and spent an excessive amount of money on classes and textbooks. 

Once I realized that I wanted to stick to PR and advertising I started taking classes pertaining to my major such as advertising, news writing, news photography and so on. 

I went from writing because I had to, to writing because I wanted to. I found myself writing down my thoughts and days. 

As for photography, I have always had an interest in taking photos. Throughout the years I have learned from books, videos and professionals on how to better my photography.

I took on being the managing editor of the Foghorn News so I could learn from others and share the power of journalism. There are so many types of writing styles; I haven’t even scratched the surface. 

I hope to better my writing skills, photography and learn from the other editors.

I developed a love for the outdoors and hunting with my dad at an early age. For years now it has been our version of father-daughter quality time. 

Once I graduate from Del Mar I hope to go off and receive my bachelor’s degree in media production and would like to work with a state department’s parks and wildlife advertising or marketing team, making commercials and short films. 

I hope this managing editor position will push me forward and help guide me in the right direction to my future.  

Illiana Moreno, associate editor

My name is Illiana Moreno and I am associate editor for the Foghorn News.

This is my first semester as an editor for the Foghorn. I was a reporter in the fall semester, mainly in intramural sports. I was happy to expand my horizons and take on different stories. 

I have always had an interest in writing and reporting since I was a young child. I used to sit in my room, write stories and pretend I was a news reporter. From then on, I knew this would be my career. 

After research and many second guesses, I decided to go with journalism as my major. It was the best decision of my college career. 

After one semester of reporting for the Foghorn, I knew being an editor was my goal. I planned to put my full potential into this position. 

Being a writer is one of the most important parts of my life. It gives the ability to tell the unbiased truth and be informative to people who want to know what is going on in their world.

My future is cloudy. With a baby on the way, I don’t know which direction my plans are headed. I would like to become a traveling journalist and visit the world. However, a more local job in the field would be just as satisfying. 

No matter what my future ends up being, I will never give up being a writer. Many parts of my life are changing, but the thing that never changes is my ability to pick up a pen or pull out my laptop and just write. 

Leah Johnston, news editor

My name is Leah Johnston, and I’m the news editor for the student newspaper. I decided to apply for editor after working as a reporter for the paper in fall 2019. 

I enjoyed reporting on stories and being able to inform the college campus on issues that directly affect them. 

I found that working for the student publication helped me come out of my shell.

I’ve always been a shy person who doesn’t speak her mind much, but after working as a reporter and having to interview people for stories, I have opened up and began to let my voice be heard. 

I also realized that working for the paper would be beneficial for my future career.

I would like to work as a sports reporter and working for the paper will help me learn all about the world of reporting. 

I believe that journalism is important in keeping the public informed about what is happening in the world. The general public relies on journalism for information so they can make better decisions and stay informed on the issues that directly affect them. Journalism gives a voice to the voiceless. 

I’m excited to continue reporting and continue informing Del Mar students about the happenings on campus and in their city.

I’m also excited for all the opportunities working for the student paper will bring me.

Charlie Blalock, photo editor

Howdy, my name is Charlie Blalock. I will be returning as the photo editor this year. I believe strongly in the power and importance of photojournalism; a picture really is worth a thousand words. I love being able to tell peoples story’s through a visual medium in an impactful way, and I believe it is an important skill in the modern digital landscape. Photos tend to draw us in and invite us to learn more.

Life is made up of tiny moments, things we overlook every day — it might be a smile on your face after a friend tells a joke, or tears in your eyes after losing someone close to you. These tiny moments or slices of life are what I have found make the most impactful, important and human images. 

Photojournalism has granted me many unique opportunities over my five years working professionally covering politics one day and sports the next. It never gets old. I started taking photos at a young age with my dad, who is also a photographer, in my hometown of Huntsville. I moved to Corpus Christi at 18 and since have had the pleasure for working for multiple publications and meeting and telling many wonderful people’s stories. 

I came to the Foghorn News a few years back, wanting to challenge myself to tell the story and history of Del Mar College through photos. I believe it is important for students to be informed and have access to information about what the college is doing and offers for students. 

After graduation I am not sure where life will take me but I know for sure wherever I am I want to be telling people’s stories through photojournalism for a long time to come. 

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