Netflix and chill inside


‘Lost Girls’ 

Based on the book of the same name, this mystery thriller follows a mother’s journey to find her missing daughter. While in the process of uncovering the truth of her daughter’s disappearance she also helps expose a string of unsolved murders. 

March 3 

‘Spenser Confidential’ 

Netflix’s first big original movie release of the year is an action-drama starring Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke. An ex-felon returns to his roots in Boston’s criminal underworld. The ex-felon, played by Wahlberg, teams up with an ex-cop to unravel a twisted murder conspiracy. Look out for cameos by Post Malone. 

March 6 

‘Summer Night’ 

This coming-of-age romantic comedy follows a group of friends and their last few days of summer. The friends are about to perform at a local rock venue and come face to face with reality checks and life-changing news. By the end of the night they are forced to make a series of drastic decisions.   

March 11 


‘On My Block’ Season 3 

This series follows four friends as they navigate their way through high school in South Central Los Angeles. Lifelong friendships are tested as the four confront the challenges of living in their predominantly Hispanic and black neighborhood. They experience gang rivalry, family secrets and the town’s mysteries. 

March 11 


This drama series stars Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde, a financial planner who relocates his family to a summer resort in the Ozarks after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong. He now must try to launder $500 million in five years to appease the drug boss after him. Watch seasons 1 and 2 to prepare for the release of season 3 on March 27.    


Three working-class teens enroll in an exclusive private school in Spain. The teens clash with the wealthy students and a murder of a fellow student ensues. Follow the students and their journey to uncover the murderer. Catch up on seasons 1 and 2 before the release of season 3 on March 13.

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