Hunting has upper hand amid lockdown

Trips to the grocery stores lately have been quite unsuccessful.

The toilet paper aisle remains a cold and empty place, leaving me to ponder all the days that I took for granted strolling down the paper goods. The pasta aisle is just as empty and sad as aisle 2 with its empty shelves of bread, bagels, pizza crust and English muffins.

During these times we are finding ourselves struggling to get simple grocery essentials.

The lines wrap around the building and if you’re not first, you’re basically last. Don’t even bother because chances are the panic buyers have beaten you to it, and your favorite four-ply Angel Soft lavender-scented toilet paper is gone.

For those who may not understand, there is a fine line between being prepared and hoarding.

When we first heard about the outbreak panic buyers stormed the grocery stores like it was the last day on earth. Baskets were filled to the top and people were fighting one another.

The difference between the two revolves around time periods. Preparers stock necessities over time.

For example, those who prepare for hurricane season begin doing that before hurricane season.

Hoarders and panic buyers do it at the last minute. They buy as much as they can when they can, leaving no groceries for anyone else.

A preparer’s mindset takes into account themselves and everyone else around them. Hoarders and panic buyers only think of themselves.

While my supply of toilet paper remains low, my inventory of game meat remains stocked.

As an outdoors woman, my time hunting/fishing and freezing meat has had me prepared for this.

Our freezer is stocked and fully loaded. So far during quarantine I have made pork chili, venison burgers, and grilled up a few pork chops.

I have yet to need to buy meat from the grocery stores — if I could even find it.

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