Dodging, dipping, diving and ducking

Players Glenn Winemar (left) and Rilwan Sanusi compete for the ball to start the game.

Dodgeball tourney
action intense as
Refugio Kats win

By Carlos E. Gonzalez / Reporter

As the great Patches O’Houlihan once said, “Remember to pick the bigger, stronger kids for your team; that way you can all gang up on the weaker ones.” It seems everyone who competed at the dodgeball tournament on Jan. 29 had the same idea.

Just four teams signed up, but that doesn’t mean the tournament was over in a flash. Each team consisted of two players — one was the muscle and the other the speed.

The tournament took place in the racquetball court in the Kinesiology Building and each game was the best of seven rounds. The team who would come out victorious would receive a shirt proclaiming them the dodgeball champions.

Of the four teams, Refugio Kats and Rebel United had dodged, dipped, dived, ducked and dodged their opponents and had gone undefeated until they had faced each other in the championship round. The two teams walked onto the court exhausted but had their eyes set on winning the prize.

Rebel United had a strong lead over Refugio Katz in the beginning, having won three rounds in a row. Victory was in their sights, until Refugio Kats made a game-switching play when they caught a Rebel United ball and took out one of their opponents. They had made a strong comeback and took the final round, crowning them the dodgeball champions.

Refugio Kats’ victory will be recorded and posted on the bulletin board with the other winners of future intramural tournaments near the basketball court.

This is the only beginning of the semester and intramural director Ryan Murphy has many more activities planned. If you would like to participate in intramurals, visit the Kinesiology Building to see the upcoming events posted on their bulletin board and around campus.

Nives Guajardo dodges one ball while trying to catch another.

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