Parking permits are required on all vehicles

Samantha DoutyReporter

With the excitement of a new semester, students may not remember to get a parking permit. Del Mar College policy states that students’ vehicles must have a visible parking pass on the rear windshield, and that violators can be issued a fine.

“The purpose of the parking passes is to recognize who the vehicle belongs to,” said Kelly White, director of Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management. “For instance, if a student’s vehicle is broken into the school can then trace the student who owns the vehicle because of the parking permit and the corresponding student ID number.”

Students can pick up a parking permit for no charge from the security office.
“I don’t mind the security office requiring parking permits,” student Zachary Roussel said. “It only takes a few minutes to get one.”

According to White, the security department can issue fines to any vehicle without a parking permit. If a citation is given, the student would have to take the citation and new parking permit to the cashier window, and the citation will be dismissed.

The security department does not search for vehicles without parking permits. Instead, it is parking violators, people parked in a handicap spot without proper identification or parking in a no-parking zone, who get cited most often.

Parking passes can be obtained at the security office at either East or West campus with a student ID.

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