Tango Tea Room hosts open poetry night

IMG_8445 2Lexy Garcia / Reporter 

The Tango Tea Room offers a microphone, fresh brewed tea and two enthusiastic hosts at the weekly open poetry night on Wednesdays.

“Everyone here gains confidence to speak their mind,” said Tea Room owner Anastasia Strates.

Math teachers, bandmates and local students have made the Tango Tea Room a place for open community sharing.

“I like everyone being here and showing their art form in a safe, comfortable environment,” Strates said.

Open poetry night originally began with Stephanie Cardona and Logan Woodyard of the Alice-based band Voodoo Boogaloo. After booking an East Coast tour, the host positions were given to local students Courtney Shur and Vanessa Perez.

“Any Stories? Any good news, bad news, childhood pains to discuss? Shur said into her microphone to begin the performances. Commentary is always encouraged after a performance, and acts outside of poetry are also welcome.

“I’m good at spectating, said former Del Mar College student Josh Deleon, a regular attendee of the event. “I’m another friendly face in the crowd. Playing in a band I know that one person makes a difference.”

Alejandro Salinas, who regularly performs at the event, said “poetry is essential in society and there’s a lot to learn from spoken word.

“Giving my poems and hearing others’ poetry can give a well-rounded perspective,” Salinas said.

The audience is interactive and “things are kept open-ended,” said Del Mar student Jenna Pilsner. “Everyone says there’s nothing to do in Corpus; this is just another thing.”

Tango Tea Room’s open mic poetry night takes place at 7 p.m. every Wednesday at 505 S. Water St. #545



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