Double standards

Tera Elwell / Web editor

Is the only way for a woman to be relevant to over-sexualize herself in the media?

As a woman, I do not believe that being sexual makes women more relevant or not respectable. Some women gain confidence while flaunting what they look like while others flaunt their life achievements. Pop culture likes for women to bare skin. When talking about a female artist the first thing discussed is that person’s outfit. It doesn’t matter if you’re barely wearing anything like Nicki Minaj, wearing something “daring” like Hayley Williams or wearing something that nobody understands like Lady Gaga — appearance is the first thing noticed.

As a bisexual woman, I have the same opinion when it comes to gays in the media. Women can show off their body if that’s what makes them feel good. Ellen DeGeneres’ wife, model and actress Portia de Rossi, shows her curves by wearing dresses and that’s sexy. Musicians Tegan and Sara wear tight pants and leather jackets and I find that to be just as sexy. Depending on how you identify yourself, that’s how you define sexy.

Sexualizing oneself is not necessarily what gets you ahead but how you carry yourself. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are powerful women and don’t have photos of their bare, Photoshopped butts anywhere.

That’s not to say that men aren’t sexualized in the media the same way women are. People find women sexy in bathing suits and minimal clothing. People find men sexy when they are wearing suits and ties; sometimes men shirtless on a beach isn’t too bad either.

Don’t bash sexuality. If a woman wants to show her body to the world, then let her.

If she wants to cover herself up then she has every right to do so.

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