Freedom isn’t free

Midori Allen / Reporter

On Nov. 20, President Barack Obama announced that we as a country are going to allow illegal immigrants who have lived here for up to five years to be granted temporary citizenship. This only applies to pre-reform immigrant families.

Recent immigrants and immigrants here after will not be granted citizenship. My inner conspiracy theorist tells me to brace for race crimes and more controversy, but all in all I believe this is a decision for the better. As opposed to having many undocumented workers we will have a larger workforce that will pay taxes, contribute to the economy, and, my favorite overall, put an end to the gross manipulation of the subject by politicians during election season to grow their polls.

With people who agree there will be people who disagree and with that I worry that here in the next few months we may start seeing a lot of things similar to what happened in Arizona when Senate Bill 1072 was passed.

I believe that we as a society should do what we can to make sure these soon-to-be citizens have their due process and are treated with equality. Humans shouldn’t be prosecuted for the pursuit of happiness. It’s an inalienable right, no matter what country anyone is born in.

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