Farewell Vikings!



Leaving a legacy in good hands

Working at the Foghorn was not on my agenda for Del Mar College. Managing editor for the Foghorn, what is that? Here I stand though, about to leave my post as managing editor, and I am a mix of emotions and thank you. I see the future of the paper and know it is in good hands.

I want to thank Scott Beckett for his red pen, and how many numerous beautiful marks it made on my articles, to improve not only the words but also the person writing them. I want to thank Robert Muilenburg for encouraging me to do more than the minimum and reach my full potential.

I also want to thank Kaliegh Benck, editor-in-chief, for keeping this crazy crew together. She did yoga to find inner peace and had weird phrases that made me laugh more than once.10407490_1016313971727888_1612346321690010840_n

Lastly, I want to thank the fine readers for realizing what we write, that we write for them, about them.

Now that I am writing my last article, for the last paper, I begin to remember the odd but always inspiring karaoke from my fellow editors. I will miss how the reporters could joke with each other, write an article, take a picture and lay-out a page, all at once.

The team we had this semester was amazing and delivered 12-page papers numerous times. Coming from eight pages to 12 pages for a paper made me proud to be on staff.

Though I leave this insane, chaotic, disarrayed, messy place that inspired, enlightened, encouraged and focused my talents, I will be sad but know where I go and how I carry on will be worth this path I have traveled. I bid Del Mar College a fair adieu.

Amber Quaid / Managing editor

10391379_1002372506455368_2258380814962527204_nFound a path for a better chance

Well I always hoped this day would eventually come — walking the stage and now on my way to better places. After changing majors so many times I am happy that I was able to stick with public relations.

Don’t get me wrong, the best part of college is trying to find out what you like and are good at. I found out I was good at a lot of different things and definitely will use these skills of mine in the future.

1796589_10152550166829261_2524613913266736463_nI have made a lot of friends with whom I have created many memories of the good times we have shared.

I’m not going to lie, there were the difficult times but you can’t give up on yourself. I even took a year off to figure out what the real world was all about. It turns out having an education will take you to better places. I know once I graduate, this degree will have my employers giving me a second look because I do have my experience.

No matter where I go from here on out, I will not forget the relationships and experiences I have made here at Del Mar.

Carlos E. GonzalezSports reporter

1450908_10202630644387484_1860124706_nHashtag Adiós Viking Amigos

I’ve been in college since 2008 and working with the Foghorn staff has been the most fun I’ve had on campus.

My friend Cody Bahn dragged me into the journalism lab, told me to draw a few editorial cartoons and got me to stay by offering free coffee. From there I moved on to writing articles, filming “Ask the Vikings,” became the chief photographer and eventually made it to being the Web editor.

Even though we’ve had ups and downs at the paper, I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience here. I’ve had the opportunity to meet George Foreman, interview Tommy Chong and take a free trip to New York with a few other editors.

I had my own column called “Tacos With Tera” where I basically got to eat an unlimited amount of tacos while chatting about music with some very talented artists from around the Coastal Bend.

I also made many memories while attending TIPA and TCCJA. Yelling “VIKINGS!” while throwing up my arms and making Viking horns with my hands has become a tradition to do whenever I see a fellow Foghorn staffer.

10277215_900705606622059_4609030181132076299_nThe journalism lab became a second home and the people I worked with became my second family.
To Muiley and Lord Beckett, thank you for giving me so many wonderful opportunities and for reading my poorly written articles every week.
To the staff, you’re all beautiful people both inside and out. “Thnks fr th mmrs.”

Amber said I needed more lines so here it is. Hopefully it takes up enough space. Peace out.

Tera ElwellWeb editor


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