Sandwich Shoppe on the island not a bad place to eat

Many people go to the island either to hit the beach, play mini golf or even check out the new Schlitterbahn. But it is also home to many casual places to eat, so I decided to check out Surfside Sandwich Shoppe, at 15113 SPID, with my father on a nice Sunday. The location could be hard to miss if you aren’t paying attention, so be on the lookout for it. We passed it and had to turn around in the Rock n Roll Sushi Bar parking lot.

As we finally parked, we saw they had an outdoor patio area that was decently spaced. But once we headed inside to place our orders they had an indoor dining area that was surprisingly small and compact because the kitchen takes up most of the indoor area. If you want a drink you have to get it bottled and they do serve beer and wine for those wanting a little kick.


The Surfside Turkey Club, served with a fresh pickle spear and potato salad, is one of the many items at the Surfside Sandwich Shoppe on Padre Island.

I ordered the Surfside Turkey Club, which cost $9.99, and my dad ordered the basic hamburger, which rang out to $10.99 because they charge a dollar more for cheese. We both had a side of potato salad and dined outside in a shaded area. It took awhile for our food to be served as the waiter brought out my father’s order but didn’t serve a side of lettuce, tomato or onions. A couple minutes later they brought my sandwich out and my dad’s veggies, and it was now time for the moment of truth.

I took out the tomato since I don’t like them and bit into my sandwich. It was actually pretty good as the turkey, bacon, lettuce and avocado came as one making it pretty tasty. The downside of it all was unfortunately the potato salad that didn’t walk the walk as much as the sandwich did. They used some spicy mayo that was fine but the potatoes tasted dry and they put peas in the potato salad. This is an odd combination since potato salad is usually made with boiled egg, celery and pickles.

Overall, my experience with Surfside Sandwich Shoppe was good. They just need to improve their potato salad and lose the peas. If you’re looking for a place to cool off and grab a sandwich or a drink after the beach, Surfside Sandwich Shoppe is worth a visit.


Overall score: 3.5/5

Price: $12.76

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