Public gives input on the Southside Campus

Members of the community were encouraged to share their opinions on the proposed Southside Campus on March 24 during a public engagement meeting.

Many asked questions regarding parking spaces, the classes being offered at the location and the financial status of the project.

“We want this to be a pedestrian-friendly campus,” said Alan Coyler, design director for the architecture firm Gensler. “Phase one of the project will have 5,000 surface parking spaces.”

South_side_finalwebSamantha Douty/Foghorn

Alan Coyler, design director for the architecture firm Gensler, showcases his team’s design for the proposed Southside Campus to members of the public during the March 24 meeting.

The project is projected to be done in three phases. The first phase will include the main building, two companion buildings, 5,000 parking spaces and the culinary school.

“On this new location we are bringing in programs that don’t exist or we will be enhancing the existing programs,” said Mark Escamilla, Del Mar College president.

The project started after voters approved in 2014 a $157 million bond package. Part of that $157 million went into purchasing the 93.6 acres on the corner of Rodd Field Road and Yorktown Boulevard.

“The Southside area is growing,” Escamilla said. “It is near dozens of existing schools. For our students affordability and accessibility is the key.”

One source of concern for the members of the public is the affordability of a project this size.

“There is lots of work being done to make projections on the cost,” Escamilla said. “We are anticipating about $300 per square foot.”

Currently, the campus features outdoor sports courts, two parking garages to be completed in two phases, an outdoor swimming pool and a pond.

Gensler and DMC have joined together and created a website so anybody can stay informed and up to date on the project. Visit for the latest Southside Campus information.

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