While others lift beers, he’ll be lifting weights

A Del Mar College student will compete in a powerlifting competition over Spring Break.

Omar Ramos, an industrial machining student at West Campus, works at Rock’s Discount Vitamins, which is hosting the SPF Bar Benders on the Bay on March 12 at the Emerald Beach Hotel.

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Omar Ramos (right), an industrial machining student, and James Sandoval work at Rock’s Discount Vitamins. Ramos will compete in the SPF Bar Benders on the Bay competition on March 12.

“Over 100 powerlifters will compete in a dead lift, bench and squat meet of all ages from high school and over for this event,” said Ramos, who was recently elected president of the DMC machinist club, called Precision Metal.

Rock’s Discount Vitamins sells vitamins, food supplements and health and diet food products across South Texas. Rock’s assists several charitable organizations in the community and also sponsors local athletes.

“The importance of staying healthy is something that everybody should achieve so that you don’t feel lethargic,” said James Sandoval, with Rock’s. “When you are healthy you feel great and your condence and energy levels go up. Diet and exercise is key, and anyone that walks in will get a diet sheet so that we can educate you why you should stay healthy.”

For more information about the event, you contact Ramey Benefield at 832-455-3531.

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