Rupolo gives students advice on careers

KZTV’s John Rupolo offers Del Mar students career tips to succeed

John Rupolo is known for putting a twist on how viewers see the news, making it fun yet straight forward. Rupolo recently took a break from the KZTV Action 10 studio and stopped by Del Mar College at the Student Success Center to give advice to students about careers and job hunting.

“You have to pursue a career that you love and are willing to get to the top because all you need is that one chance,” Rupolo said.

During the meeting, Rupolo reflected back to his own career in broadcast journalism. He talked about his ups and downs, but also about rejections, which he said serve as motivation instead of a letdown. He also talked about his experiences in traveling to different states for television journalism, which led to many memories along with memorable reporting.

“When you pick a career it’s a great experience because you get to see different worlds and meet new people and just embrace where you are,” Rupolo said.

He has an elaborate style of journalism, which he said has served him well in the field.

“Broadcast journalism is a hard job. You have to be flexible to move when you need to, but if you want it then you go for it,” Rupolo said.

He said his No. 1 priority is to get the truth by any means necessary, which is cut-throat journalism.

Before finishing, and before the pizza arrived, he gave the audience some lasting advice for when they are on the hunt for that first job or career.

“My advice to you all is to have that hunger. Have that hunger and that drive to have that career or that job or to work up the ladder. Hunger will drive you to success,” Rupolo said.

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