Self-care should always come first

As adults, we tend to get carried away with our own personal lives and it affects us from progressing in our life goals. In most cases, it becomes a true struggle to keep moving forward when other things are weighing us down.

When dealing with anxiety, pressure and restlessness, it affects our everyday duties. It becomes difficult to focus in class, ruins our appetite and makes it hard to really do anything else because of the energy we lose from what we deal with mentally. When this happens, it’s challenging to even get back on the right track.

Losing control over what we deal with mentally on a day-to-day basis opens too many problems. You eventually start to feel doubt in everything. You lose focus of what really matters, like your family and the people that love you, and even struggle to take care of yourself.  

On top of dealing with those personal issues, things start to really weigh down when life throws you a curve ball. Whether it be a loss of a loved one, a freak accident or something even deeper, life completely changes to a whole new level.  

Things start to change, like interests and daily routines. You lose interest in exercising, eating healthy, going out for coffee with friends, going outside in public and more. Cravings start to change, and we lose our appetite, which also could cause a shortage of energy. 

Taking care of yourself also becomes a struggle. You could be dealing with a health issue and lose track of that. You could be lactose intolerant but intend on eating ice cream because ice cream makes everyone feel better, and not care about how it affects your health. You start making poor diet choices, which is mostly caused by stress. 

The thing about going through life like this is that we must remember that no matter what is going on in our lives, there is always someone to turn to for help. There are people all around who are going through the same thing or have been through the same and can help guide you to the path of redemption. 

If you are struggling and need help, the Del Mar College Counseling Center offers free counseling to students. They also provide different hotlines that you can contact at, for urgent emergencies. Don’t suffer in silence. Get the help you need today.

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