SGA to meet Wednesday

Officers focus on helping students stay informed

The Student Government Association will hold its second meeting of the semester at 12:30 p.m. Oct. 21. Students can access the group’s meetings through a link to Teams in their DMC email. 

Sofia Jimenez, this year’s president, has been a part of SGA for two consecutive years and is involved with many other campus organizations. She has worked to make a list of local resources that can help keep students up to date with information, events and resources, all which are available through Canvas. 

“I am beyond grateful and honored to have this opportunity to represent my fellow Vikings. They are my priority,” Jimenez said. “I strive to listen to the students, find needs, and do as much as I can to help fulfill those needs.”

Jimenez said she was motivated to become president of SGA after COVID-19 forced everyone into the new normal. Jimenez immediately spoke with adviser Beverly Cage about implementing programs and ideas that could benefit students. 

“I started posting trivia questions on SGA’s Facebook page. I did this to encourage participation and to provide another means of sharing information and resources,” Jimenez said. 

Caitlin Gosson, this year’s vice president, has also been involved with SGA the past two years.

“As vice president of the SGA, my main priority is serving the student body in every way that I can,” Gosson said. “Working with the other SGA officers is great. I love working with the other officers because we all share common goals.”

According to Cage, director of Student Leadership & Campus Life who also serves as the SGA adviser, the group is planning two virtual escape rooms set for Oct. 28-29 for student knowledge and entertainment. Reminders will be sent via student email. 

“When students are encouraged, they do better academically. SGA’s motto is ‘Building leaders one student at a time…’” Cage said.  “There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a student accomplish their academic journey.”

The remaining officers of SGA include Hunter Carver, secretary, who also participates with other campus organizations and is the founding president of DMC’s Computer Science Club, and Samson Garibay, the SGA communications officer, who volunteers regularly with DMC events and community events.

The newest officer is Samantha Kay Luna, who recently filled the magistrate position. Soon the student body organization will announce its remaining positions for treasurer and parliamentarian.

According to Cage, together they have made the transition online easy as possible for students to engage and reach out.

Eligible students who attend the meetings over Teams automatically get a chance to win a gift card. The SGA has also created Freebie Fun Day Friday, which is hosted every second Friday of the month, and pop trivias, all on Facebook. Follow @Dmcsga to stay updated on events and giveaways.

Virtual meetings are held every third Wednesday of each month. Reminders will be sent via DMC email.

Any student organization ideas, questions or concerns can be sent to the group at

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