Counseling Center offers help through pandemic

Virtual services available for students

Del Mar’s Counseling Center is still offering services by providing virtual appointments for students. 

Jessica Edwards, a counselor for the center, said they made changes to the services after the college switched to remote learning. 

“We have been able to switch over to virtual and that is whether we are offering our services through Zoom or Skype,” Edwards said. “Because students are not able to walk into our doors, we have created a virtual walk-in.”

Students can access the appointment link at

“You fill out the information it requests, select a time, and a counselor will call you at the time you pick,” Edwards said. “The counselor with speak with you briefly and find out why it is you are seeking services and create a treatment plan.”

The initial transition to virtual services was a big change for the center and for the counselors, as they kept up with previous clients and continued to offer services for new clients.

“We wanted to find a way for new students to come in and have access,” Edwards said. “As this fall semester started, we saw the same uptick. I feel we are seeing the same amount of students, just now over a video screen.”

For Edwards, there was worry that the transition to virtual would not provide the same effect for students as appointments in the office.

“My concern was are we still going to be able to connect with our clients over a video screen, but I find that we have been able to connect with the students just as if I were in person,” she said.

Another concern was that remote services can come with technical difficulties. The Counseling Center has taken that into account when holding sessions.

“Those are the things we create a plan for. If our technology goes out, we can still make phone calls and emails,” Edwards said.

The center will continue to hold events for the students virtually, such as the Virtual Wellness To-Go session from noon to 12:30 p.m. Nov. 11. Students can reserve a spot for this session by emailing

The center plans to continue services for students for as long as necessary through the pandemic. 

“If we continue to work remotely, we will continue to offer the virtual sessions. This pandemic is ever-changing, so we are just taking it one step at a time,” Edwards said.

For more information on the Counseling Center and the services provided, contact 361-698-1586 or

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