SGA resumes virtual meetings

Since returning to campus, the Student Government Association continues to make students a priority.

Whether students are taking courses face to face or online, meetings will be virtual until further notice.

The first SGA meeting of the semester was held virtually Sept. 15 via Teams.

E-mail announcements are sent in advance to students, where they can access meetings from a link.

SGA meetings introduce and raise awareness on issues or specific interests that students would like to cover at Del Mar.

“When students are enrolled at Del Mar, they’re automatically part of the Student Government Association and an active member,” said Beverly Cage, director of Student Leadership and Campus Life.

Cage has the responsibility of overseeing activities and directing events for students at Del Mar.

The SGA gives students the opportunity to be socially interactive and involved, without commitment to a club.

“Student Government Association is led by elected students to represent the student body and works directly with administrators to make things better for them on campus,” Cage said.

These elections are held every year.

Del Mar College SGA officers of 2021-22 are Sofia Jimenez, president; Caitlin Gosson, vice president; Samantha Luna, secretary; Adam Bernal, parliamentarian; and Aliza Long, treasurer.

“This organization is not structured around one individual belief or single political agenda,” Jimenez said, “but is designed to welcome beliefs, and all opinions to be joined together to form one body.”

The SGA’s mission for students is to build character, teach leadership and most importantly, make an impact.

Jimenez encourages students to build relationships and be open to opportunities.

The next meeting will at 12:30 p.m. Oct. 20.

Students will be notified through e-mail and be provided with the link.

“SGA provides a place for students to voice their concerns, make information and resources known to others, and share ideas, concerns, and most importantly provide their fellow Vikings with support,” Jimenez said.

Students who want to submit a concern or program to the SGA can e-mail

The group provides information and upcoming events on their Facebook Page, “DMC SGA,” or Canvas course, “Student Leadership and Campus Life.”

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