4 recognized as DMC Disability Advocates of the Year

 Four Del Mar faculty members were recognized for service to students at the eighth annual Disability Advocate of the Year Ceremony. 

The four were honored in October, Disability Awareness Month, for their efforts and impact on students with disabilities. 

The staff highlighted this year for assisting students’ needs are Elsa Brown, Ruby Estrada, Sarah Clark and Mark Hinojosa, the first IT specialist to receive the award. 

The nominating process involves asking the student clientele who has been an advocate for you, said Brenda Garcia, student disability specialist. 

After the nominees are listed the process for selecting the award recipients consists of a panel of one DMC staff member, one student disability specialist, and one DMC student. 

The finalists this year will receive a plaque with their name on it, a certificate and a lapel pin that says “Disability Advocate.” 

“One day, we were testing with DSO and we were having trouble logging on to our exams with the computers in the lab and came by to help. He stayed and helped us until he could get us started on our exams,” said the student who nominated Lead Computer Technology Specialist Mark Hinojosa. 

Sarah Clark, instructor of nurse education, was said to be “very understanding and accommodating” by the student who nominated her. 

“I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than this,” Garcia said. I have such a passion for these students, they do for me as much as I do for them.” 

For more information about the services issued for students provided by the Disability Students Office visit www. delmar.edu/offices/disability 

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