Local Miracle League organization seeks volunteers

While volunteering can look great on a résumé, it also gives you the opportunity to become aware of small organizations that may need your help. One organization, The Miracle League of Corpus Christi, is looking for volunteers to help set up events but to also show support for the players.

The Miracle League is a nonprofit organization with a goal to provide a safe and fun environment for those with physical and mental disabilities to play baseball. The organization is nationwide, but the division in Corpus Christi provides more than just their players to have fun in baseball, they also host other games of basketball, bocce, tennis and even classes of Zumba.

The organization in Corpus Christi was founded by the Rotary Club in 2007, but it was not until 2011 when they were able to raise $750,000 to build their own baseball stadium. The sports are adjusted to accommodate the players. In baseball, the ball is the size of a softball and it is spongy, and everyone is given multiple tries to hit the ball, where a tee can be provided if needed. When the game ends, everybody wins.

Grace Gonzales has been the executive director for a year and a month, and she is always searching for more games and ways to market the organization to encourage volunteers and more players to join.

Q: Do you have a good turnout rate when it comes to volunteers?

A: We could always use a bit more people. My goal is to put the calendar out on Facebook or on my website as to what weekends you can sign up for. I am hoping to set up a system to where you can fill out all the paperwork online. It can take 24-48 hours for background check.

Q: Do many players return for different games or come back for another season?

A: Yes, many do. If they don’t come back, it is most likely due to another conflict with another organization, like the Special Olympics. We are across from the state school, and many of the players have returned to play in the games. 

Q: What are the age ranges for the players?

A: We have two leagues, a youth league which consists of the age of 5 through 17, and the adult league from the age of 18 and up.

Q: What would you like for others to know about this organization?

A:  That it is fun. From the parents to the players, we want everyone to have a good time and let them know we are always looking for ways to expand and evolve into more games that can benefit everyone. We want to do beep baseball, which is a game for the blind. I’ve seen that people who wanted to volunteer for one time always ending up wanting to volunteer for the next game.

To learn more about The Miracle League of Corpus Christi or to volunteer, contact Gonzales at themiracleleaguecc@gmail.com or visit www.miracleleagueofcorpuschristi.org.

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  1. This article really is informational and really brings a warm feeling to the heart. It gives specific information on a great way to volunteer and helps kids with having some fun and experience a great activity/sports life. It is really great to be on this website to give people some insight on how to help and what amazing things this program has been able to do!

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