Art Walk turns its focus to live music

Visitors to September’s Art Walk noticed a big change in how the monthly festival looked — and sounded.

Traditionally dubbed Art Walk, September’s installation, called Music Walk, saw an emphasis on live music.

The change went over well with some patrons.

“Despite the weather, it was really enjoyable,” attendee Mia Galvan said. “Especially because this month was more music-based so there was live music everywhere.”

Fellow attendee David Leonard agreed.

“There was more music,” Leonard said. “And that’s good.”

However, it seems that the local businesses took a backseat to give the music center stage.

“There wasn’t really much this time around,” Leonard said. “In the past, there were more stands and more people.”

Galvan said she also noticed a drop in local merchants.

“I try and go every month and usually there’s more variety,” Galvan said. “And it’s definitely been one of the hottest to date.”

The festival is held every first Friday in downtown Corpus. For more information, visit

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