Rage room offers more than just chance to break stuff

A new entertainment service in Corpus Christi offers residents, including frustrated college students, a chance to unleash their anger.

Act Your Rage, Corpus Christi’s newest rage room, opened on Aug. 18, just in time for the fall semester.

Students could be experiencing a variety of issues such as pent-up anger, relationship issues, or major life changes. Rage rooms give students a chance to safely channel their anger out on objects.

Act Your Rage not only offers two rage spaces, but also axe throwing, a mechanical bull and more.

“We also offer video games, board games, table games, and ping pong,” said Damon Isom, co-owner of Act Your Rage.

The general admission fee is $5, which gives people access to the game room and complimentary snow cones.

There are three packages for purchase that involve how much time is spent in the rage rooms, axe throwing and bull riding.

Level one is $55 and includes one small box of breakables, 10 minutes inside the rage rooms, 30 minutes axe throwing, one bull ride, one slice of pizza, and one water. Extra rides are $5 each. Levels two ($70) and three ($85) include bigger boxes of breakables, more time in the attractions, and more food. Level two charges $3 for extra rides and level three charges $1 for extra rides.

Act Your Rage also offers party discounts. Groups of four or more could get 25% off and groups of six or more could get 30% off.

When people are finished in the rage room, they have the opportunity to sign the walls, leaving a permanent memory even after the destruction is cleaned up.

“My experience was very positive, and I would love to go back there. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming … even encouraged our group in the process of breaking things,” said Ro Hickey, a Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi student. “I didn’t really break anything, but my boyfriend did end up breaking an oven.”

Hickey also said he felt more comfortable and at peace after being at the establishment. He believes that it is a healthy outlet to deal with all the stress life throws.

According to Healthline, rage therapy such as rage rooms can give people a sense of empowerment. Giving oneself a chance to channel their rage safely could help gain control over a situation. It could also give motivation for positive change as anger is a benefit to survival. It can motivate one to take action for change. Lastly, it could be a great conversation starter. Two people dealing with the same situation could be given the chance to bond.

However, if rage rooms aren’t your thing, the Counseling Center at Del Mar College could provide other alternatives such as induvial and couples therapy, consultations, and crisis management to channel your stress.

For more information about the Counseling Center, contact dmccounseling@delmar.edu or 361-698-1586.

Act Your Rage is open seven days a week: Mondays through Thursdays from 4-10 p.m., Fridays from 2:30 p.m. to midnight, Saturdays from noon to midnight, and Sundays from noon to 10 p.m.

For more information, you can visit them near Salty Oak BBQ at 4855 S. Alameda St., Suite 207, or call 361-334-0685.

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