An inside look of Moniq’s discography

This last time I talked about a local artist’s catalog, it was a four-piece rock band. This time, I’m switching over to pop territory. Since she released her first song in 2020, the local musician Moniq, real name Monique Martinez, has put out an EP and other singles as well.

‘A Woman’

Moniq started her career with a solid, chill song in ‘A Woman.’ Her smooth vocals compliment the varied instrumentation, and even when the harmonies begin as well, there’s never a sense of clutter. While the dynamics fluctuate all throughout ‘A Woman,’ the foundation is never shaken. It always stays in the relaxed RnB mode and refuses to budge.

Simultaneously hooky and relaxed, ‘A Woman’ has stood the test of time. The universal love-smitten experience put to 3 minutes and 32 seconds of crisp pop sound. This song is a well-formed product, and serves as a great introduction to Moniq’s music to boot.

‘Over It’

If there’s anything to applaud on ‘Over It,’ the production would be a start. Where ‘A Woman’ solidifies Moniq’s voice and sound, ‘Over It’ balances the levels of said sound far better. That’s evident in the ever-present harmonies in the chorus, and the layered effects add even more to the sound as well.

Rapper by the name Meta takes the microphone on the second verse. The beat changes to accommodate the new styles presented, yet when the mic goes back to Moniq it doesn’t feel out of place. Both singers slot into the position naturally, and it shows.

‘Over It’ builds on what ‘A Woman’ had set up, in terms of the beat, singing style, and production. A step up for sure, though I’m not putting down the ‘A Woman’ because of it. They’re both good songs in their own right.


Song number 3, the beat has been tailored to Moniq’s voice. On top of that, there’s one aspect of ‘Saturday’ that was missing from the previous 2 songs: space. There’s gaps between lines, and given the little licks that make up ‘Saturday,’ I’ll say that this is a plus for sure.

Talking further about the additions, there’s a discernible bridge and guitar solo as well. ‘Saturday’ benefits from the new pieces being put on it, along with it further refining the smooth singing and sweet albeit stripped-back instrumentation. It’s everything you need without anything extra.

‘Gonna Believe’

‘Gonna Believe’ was put into the hands of prominent local musician El Dusty, who added a reggae flair to the now-established pop R&B from the last 3 tracks. It’s a fine line getting walked here, and luckily it clears. The verse from the artist Soulfiya also adds some much-needed texture the complex sounds in this track.

The beat has stepped up to bat again, taking on a harsher tone that puts Moniq’s trademark mellow lyric delivery. It needed some extra legs to stand on, but luckily everything was provided and ‘Gonna Believe’ stands stronger for it. Though admittedly, I’d be curious to see how the track would have turned out if Soulfiya had all the singing duties. I really liked his verse, as it put yet another style that blends with what’s already been established.


While the last few tracks have been dabbling with new elements and features, ‘Love’ brings us back to form, albeit with some added energy. A steady, basic beat that builds throughout the song. Catchy hooks are paired with sweet, albeit sparse harmonies. ‘Love’ has a leg up over ‘Gonna Believe’ in the singing department, though. Moniq’s lines have gone back to their pristine quality. Better yet, they’ve been boosted as well.

I’m particularly fond of the beat here, and its synergy with the lyrics as well. Small changes throughout ‘Love,’ such as the guitar and the harmonies, make for an enjoyable listening experience. It’s a classic track that doesn’t overstay its welcome, nor does it expand beyond what is needed. This song was my favorite for sure.

‘Half as Good’

Moniq’s latest release is 2023’s ‘Half as Good,’ which sees her returning to a sound akin to ‘A Woman’. A small ‘hey!’ soundbite, a repeating chorus with a stuttering beat and singing higher notes than before, a welcome to change to the style that’s been present up to now.

The hooks grip very well here. I like the additions put into this song as well. There’s little parts, such as a guitar, that I’ve been struggling to make out, but aside from that, ‘Half as Good’ is as pleasant as Moniq’s songs have been.

As of now, that’s where I stand with her music: 7 songs and more on the way. I enjoyed listening to all tracks and I definitely feel myself getting a couple hooks stuck in my head for days on end.

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