Let’s All Be Well, Together..

Devin Tyler
Devin Tyler

Devin Tyler / Staff Writer

The Del Mar College Wellness Challenge has begun and is open for all Del Mar College faculty and staff to encourage health and fitness for better well-being.

The Wellness Committee consists of 11 members involved with Del Mar College. Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education Christina Cayce, Barth Branch Librarian Lisa Muilenburg, Professor of English Dr. Barbara Craig, Assistant Professor of Journalism Robert Muilenburg, Associate Professor of Mathematics Richard Rupp, Professor of Mathematics Dr. Laihua Sheng, Instructor of Speech Laura Brown, Program Director/ Professor of Court Reporting Darcy Gohlke, Instructor of Biology Megan McKee, Instructor of Dental Hygiene Marian Tajchman and Associate Professor of Welding and Chairman Domingo Sonny Vela are the 11 members of the Wellness Committee.

The Wellness Committee joined together with other fitness organizations including The American Red Cross, Radiology Associates, Rocks Discount Vitamins, ZuMama Fitness to jump-start the challenge. The Multiple Sclerosis Society also attended the Wellness Challenge kickoff, Feb. 22, testing for blood pressure and other health activities that help with the Wellness Challenge. The Wellness Challenge continues throughout March and April and ends April 15th.

‘’Healthy people have a healthy attitude to raise moral and feel better about themselves,” said Wellness Committee member, Laura Brown.

There is a variety of ways that faculty and staff can gain points for the challenge. They include having or gaining a gym membership, participating in DMC Intramural sports and activities, participating in Sonny’s Sunday Run, Attend the DMC Health Cooking Class and more. Activities on the Wellness Challenge point system matrix range from 20 to 120 points.

“Staying healthy and being involved with fitness helps you get off your medication. The better you take care of yourself, the easier life can be on your body, said Wellness Committee Chair Sonny Vella. “I have been taking care of myself and working out and I have progressively no longer had to take the medications I once had to.”

The Wellness Challenge is not just an event for individuals, but faculty and staff can also gather with other colleagues on campus to join as a team effort to accomplish the challenge goals. The overall inspiration to leave with throughout this challenge is a better well-being for everyone’s self, mentally and physically. For any information concerning the point system or any other questions visit the DMC Wellness Committee page or email Vela, at domingovela@delmar.edu.

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