Stretching out the possibilities


By Victoria Trevino / Reporter

Between juggling school, work, relationships and their personal life, students have a lot on their hands. Many may be seeking an outlet to relieve stress. Elizabeth Venegas, a Del Mar College student and a yogi (as those who practice yoga are called), said yoga has benefited her life in numerous ways.

“I feel awake and alert and full of energy and internal peace when I finish yoga. It’s such a positive reinforcer,” Venegas said.

Yoga is an ancient practice that has been around for more than 5,000 years. A yoga class typically consists of physical exercises and postures, breathing techniques and meditation. The American Yoga association reports, “The core of yoga’s philosophy is that everything is supplied from within the individual.”

According to Carolyn Mauck, yoga instructor at Del Mar College, yoga is “a comprehensive holistic approach to caring for the body in terms of muscular strength, muscular endurance, muscular flexibility, relaxation, stress reduction and overall good health.”

The health benefits of yoga are abundant. Yoga can improve the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of one’s daily life. According to Yoga By Nature, a wellness company based in Los Angeles, the mental benefits of yoga are that it improves concentration, sleeping patterns, reduces stress and also improves coordination and balance. The physical benefits are that it increases strength and flexibility. It also improves blood circulation and corrects posture. Emotionally, yoga reduces anxiety and depression, balances emotions and enhances inner peace.

If one is looking to hit the mat and strike a pose, yoga is offered every semester at Del Mar College. One can also take classes at various gyms around the city such as the Athletic Club. Youga Yoga, Crossroads Yoga, and the Yoga Studio of Corpus Christi are a few places around town where one can hit the mat and strike a pose.


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