Several scholarships available to students

By Maria LaraReporter The Del Mar College Foundation office is awarding scholarships to students. The criteria for scholarships vary, but one thing is constant: New and returning students must complete their online applications as accurately as possible. Students are advised to check their Del Mar e-mail daily on WebDMC. The Scholarship Committee will advise students of their application status. Benefactors are notified of the recipients of their respective scholarships. They receive the appreciation letters from the students awarded scholarships along with a photo and are invited to meet the recipients in person. All scholarships are awarded at the annual Foundation Scholarship Reception held each spring. Requirements for applicants must be completed online during Del Mar’s annual application period.  Students applying for scholarships that require financial need must have completed a FAFSA before applying. If you are applying for a DMCF Scholarship, students do not need to complete the FAFSA. If you are a student and have missed the window for scholarships you may apply for emergency scholarships. These are only offered to students who have experienced an unexpected circumstance that jeopardizes their ability to pay for their education. Emergency funds are limited and availability varies from semester to semester. When applying for emergency scholarships students must have applied for financial aid. For more information you can visit or email You may also visit The Del Mar College Foundation, located at 3209 S. Staples St. in the Economic Development Center in Rooms 131 and 129. The hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Fridays. The office can be reached at 698-1317.



  • John O. & Louise G. Chapman Endowed
  • Mary Hoyle Bain Endowed John Ochoa Memorial Endowed
  • Padre Island Business Association Direct Juliette Susan Scott Memorial Nursing Endowed
  • LaVerne & Thomas Howell Foundation Nursing Direct


  • Lila and William Colburn Nursing Endowed
  • Blaise Montandon Memorial Endowed Louise Millican Endowed
  • C. Burdette Wolfe Student Orchestra Player Endowed Lura Lee and George R. Freeman Nursing Endowed
  • Eddie Galva Buc Days Music Direct Marian E. Smith Endowed
  • Eddie Galvan Direct Mary Margaret Sinclair Irvin and Donna C. Sullivan R.N.
  • Edna Ocker Endowed Nursing Endowed
  • Frankie Strubb Jazz Direct Pancy Nelson Vrooman Endowed
  • Friends of Music Direct Rabbi Sidney Wolf Endowed
  • James L. Wheeler Sr. Endowed Reba, Vivian & Ben Groner Direct
  • John R. Meitzen Music Endowed Reba, Vivian & Ben Groner Nursing Endowed
  • Judge Carl Lewis Direct Robert & Janis Birchall Direct
  • Judge Carl Lewis Endowed Robert & Janis Birchall Endowed
  • Pansy Nelson Vroom Music Endowed Sue & Ralph Diaz Nursing Endowed
  • Rabbi Sydney Wolf Endowed
  • Ronald Henderson Music Endowed


  • Tessa Bonilla Memorial Music Endowed Antonio “Tony” Abarca Endowed
  • Texas Jazz Festival Society Music Direct Corpus Christi Law Enforcement Fishing Tournament Direct
  • Thursday Music Club Direct Daner “Strive for Success” Direct
  • Thursday Musis Club Endowed James A. Saavedra Memorial Endowed
  • Nueces County Sheriff’s Office Direct


  • Daner “Strive for Success” Direct


  • Dr. Aaron Seamster Memorial Direct Daner “Strive for Success” Direct
  • Dr. Joyce Freeman and Dr. Janice Freeman Scholarship for the Biological Edith Parker History Endowed
  • Science Endowed Lucy B. More Memorial Direct Lucy B. More Memorial Direct
  • Padre Island Business Association Direct


  • Apolonia Abarca Nursing Endowed
  • Barbara L. & Harry Samuels Nursing Endowed
  • Bart Tullos Nursing Endowed
  • Chase Kelley & Dr. Jack L. Cortese Direct
  • Christus Spohn LVN to RN Bridge Direct
  • Christus Spohn LVN to RN Bridge Endowed
  • Council of Hospital Auxiliary Direct
  • Council of Hospital Auxiliaries Endowed
  • Daner “Strive for Success” Direct
  • Dorothy Hanna-Craig Endowed
  • DMC Foundation Nursing Direct Driscoll Children’s Hospital Nursing
  • Endowed
  • Elinor Hudson (Mrs. Jean) Richardson Memorial Nursing Endowed Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas, Corpus Christi Chapter Direct

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