Math lab for more than math majors

By Vivien SanchezReporter

Many students are unaware of all the extra help available to them on campus. Del Mar College makes it a goal to give everyone the opportunity to make the best grade possible. One resource is the Math Learning Center, where students can receive assistance in classes including Remedial Math, Algebra, Calculus I, Calculus II, Physics and Chemistry.

Robert Moreno, a part-time tutor at the lab, said he notices all types of students, not just math majors, visiting the lab.

“It will benefit anyone having to take classes relating to math or science, but it will also help students with their analysis and critical thinking,” Moreno said.

As the semester continues, some students may find themselves overwhelmed and wanting to give up and even end up dropping the class. The tutors on campus are here to prevent that from happening.

“There is plenty of help all over campus,” Moreno said. “My best advice to students is to not give up, reach out, and never stop trying!”

Preparing for the fall semester, the math lab is fully staffed and ready to give students their full attention. With four full-time tutors and 20 working part time, students should not have a hard time receiving the attention needed for their assignments.

The math lab is being renovated and is currently located in the White Library, Room 433. After the fall semester, it will return to its normal location in the Coles Building.

Students can contact the lab at 698-1579 or visit, which also includes additional help through handouts and video lectures.



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