Bump, set, spike it – that’s the way DMC likes it

More than 60 students
participate in 4-on-4
volleyball league

Carlos E. GonzalezReporter

It was a wonderful turnout for the four-on-four co-ed volleyball league. The league was three weeks long and started Sept. 29. The matches had no time limit and the first team to win two of three matches and make it to 25 would be victorious. A tiebreaker, if needed, would go to 15 points.

There were over 60 participants on 10 teams in the league.

“It was a great turnout. From all the leagues we had hosted, this had a lot more student participation,” said intramurals director Ryan Murphy.

It was an exciting league and opposing teams showed much respect to one another instead of shouting insults. Murphy also decided to crown a league champion to the team that showed heart and potential, and it came down to a tie between two teams, Diglets and the Fabians.

Now that the league is over, the tournament is in full swing. The tournament is double elimination and the rules are the same as the league. Only eight teams made it to the tournament with only one being disqualified because of the team schedules.

The first matchup was the Gamers and Unstoppables, and both teams put everything they had into match. It was a close one, but the Unstoppables lived up to their name, taking two of the three matches. Unfortunately it seemed the Unstoppables used up all their energy in their first match and weren’t prepared for the league champs, Diglets. The first match seemed to be in Diglets’ favor as they swept through the Unstoppables.

With that said, Unstoppables didn’t let Diglets have a second chance at taking away their streak. They had put up a stronger fight and made Diglets work for their W. In the end, Diglets took Unstoppables out of the lead and put them in the loser bracket where they would have a second chance at the crown.

The championship game will be played at 2:45 p.m. Oct. 21. Coming up next on the intramural schedule is a one-day table tennis tournament on Oct. 22 beginning at 3 in the afternoon. A racquetball tournament will take place on Oct. 25 at 9 in the morning in the racquetball courts.

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