Don’t bash social media activism

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Our generation has always been known to be addicted to technology. Most of us have our social media readily available on our phone, computer, tablets, televisions and even refrigerators now. I can admit I have an account for most common social medias that are available (you know, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), and I know that when breaking news happens social media is the first place I turn to get information.

With these giant networking platforms we have an easy way to try to make a difference. But trying to make a difference and being active is sadly bashed on social networking sites. Activism for feminism, Ferguson, gay rights and anything else are popular topics that need to be talked about, and a lot of people feel strongly about. If these topics need to be talked about then what is the easiest platform to reach out to numerous people? It should be social media.

While I’m on Twitter I know several people who bash what feminism is, and how people just “post it on social media for attention.” This is sad that people view it that way. I hear my parents’ generation always say how the millennial generation is supposed to be the future of the America and change the world. If our generation is going to change anything then we should be more open minded about what we can use social media for.

Celebrities try to advocate activism on their social media accounts and are praised after for how heroic and how relatable they can be to society. But regular women can’t post on Twitter their latest conquest on how they marched throughout their university campus without being bashed and made fun of for what they believed in.

Although it is fun to get on Twitter and bash whatever Kim Kardashian just did on her TV show and what Netflix is putting on instant stream for December, our generation is so much better than that. Other things need to be talked about than just entertainment, and that’s why social media activism shouldn’t be frowned upon.


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