Drop date draws near

Untitled-1Maria A. Garza / Reporter

It’s that time of the year again — time to decide whether to drop a class or stick with it and give it your all.

There are several factors to consider, including whether you need the class to graduate, especially if you are graduating soon and the class will not be offered in the next semester or two. If so, this might interfere with your graduation plans and present more challenges than benefits.

Another important thing is to know where you stand when it comes to financial aid and dropping a class. Know the consequences of dropping a class at Del Mar College, since your financial aid will be affected.

Also, Del Mar has a policy known as the “3-Peat” rule — should you drop a class and attempt it later for a third time, you will be charged a 3-Peat fee of $50 per credit hour.

Visit with staff at the Retention Center to discuss potential consequences of dropping a class. They are located in the Harvin Student Center, Room 208, and at West Campus in Health Science Building 2, Room 242.

Visit your adviser as well, as they can tell you how this decision will affect your academic plan.

The deadline to drop a class for the fall semester and Eight-Week Session II is Nov. 24. The deadline to drop a class for Rapid Track Session II was Nov. 17.

Texas Senate Bill 1231 states that you may drop only six classes in your entire college career, including at Del Mar College and any other Texas college or university you may attend. This rule applies only to students who began college in fall 2007 or later. It also applies to students who may have begun college before 2007 in another state but then transferred to a Texas college after the fall 2007 semester.  The only other allowable exemptions are:

  •  You are sick or injured
  •  You are caring for a sick or injured person
  •  You have a death in your immediate family
  •  Your work schedule changes
  •  You go on active duty service with the U.S. armed forces or Texas National Guard
  •  Crises beyond a person’s control such as the loss of home because of fire or a natural disaster
  •  Loss of employment
  •  You need to withdraw from all classes for the semester.
  •  You were misadvised. If selecting this reason, you must provide a letter from the adviser or the signed degree plan that indicates the student was enrolled in the course(s) in question because of misadvising.

The Course Section Drop Form must be completed in its entirety. The Registrar’s Office staff can assist you with this process. The Registrar’s Office staff can also assist you if you need to withdraw from all classes for the semester.


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