Honoring those who served


Anastasia Talarantas / Reporter

Veterans Day is coming up soon, and veterans have a lot to look forward to at Del Mar College.

According to Tammy L. Micallef, director of the DMC Veterans Center, Del Mar College has joined forces with an organization called The Fight Continues and the goal is for the name of every fallen veteran since the Revolutionary War to be read aloud and be commemorated on Veterans Day.

“Veterans Day is a day we set aside to commemorate and honor those people who have served our country and the armed forces,” Micallef said. “There is a couple million names, but we will be reading about a thousand.”

Veterans Day is a day we all get to pay our respects to those who have fought for our country and our freedom.

“I served in the military for over five years,” said Jamiela Allen, a veteran. “I experienced a lot of different lifestyles and cultures from the constant moving, but for the most part I enjoyed the experience.” 

Allen also said he missed home, especially during the holidays.

“I definitely don’t regret serving. It gives you a different aspect on life when you’re dealing with people and the government, Allen said.

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