Scholarships can ease financial burden


Steven Martinez



As the new semester starts to kick into high gear, the last thing on many students’ minds is how they are going to pay for their continuing education. But thanks to a wealth of scholarships and financial aid, students can easily apply for (practically) free money.

“This academic year we processed and awarded over $1.3 million,” said Elsie Odon, scholarship coordinator for the DMC Center for Economic Development.

Much of this money is generated through events sponsored by the Foundation such as the upcoming Bernie’s Famous Crawfish Boil and Fishing Tournament held annually.

With a number of scholarships still available to apply for the 2015-16 academic year, there are several opportunities to register. All students need is their DMC ID and email address, parents’ financial status, and whether they plan to attend on a part-time (six to 11 hours) or full-time (12 or more hours) basis.

“Some obstacles students face when applying are knowing future enrollment status, parent financial information, degree and major information for their program,” Odom said.

Scholarships cannot only help lessen the load on your wallet each semester; they can get you a degree faster as well.Price Leaving Certificate or training

“If I hadn’t received my financial aid this semester, I would have only been able to take one class this semester,” nursing major Deanna Shaw said. “Now I’m able to have a full-time schedule.”

Even if students are in need of funds as soon as possible there are still options available. One option is Emergency Scholarship applications that can printed from the Foundation website.

“Students who have some type of unforeseen situation may apply for consideration of an Emergency Scholarship,” Odom said.

Even if this happens to be your last semester here, the Foundation has some hints for finding scholarships for your next school.

“Complete your FAFSA early and research your school’s website for information and deadlines,” Odom said.

Students can apply, find assistance and find more information at and speak with someone at the DMC Foundation offices. Non-English speaking students can call the Foundation offices for assistance at 698-1200

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