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Del Mar College is offering students a jump-start on their career planning with the new Career Kiosk located on the first floor in the Harvin Center on East Campus. Students, staff and administrators gathered for the Feb. 24 unveiling of the new center, which is meant to help students research their academic careers and provide them with the skills needed to prepare them for the workforce.

The kiosk provides students with six touchscreens, 20 Acer tablets and the Focus 2 career assessment software, which can serve as a guide when choosing a major. Among the features students can access in the kiosk is a career readiness function, where students can incorporate their career and educational goals, academic strengths and personal development needs. Students will also have the option of creating a career portfolio, which will then allow them to create a self-assessment application so they can later search for their top career choices. Students will be able to search for jobs at national, state or local levels and can even choose a specialty.11021165_10152851810398611_3896187318331552212_n

“If you are just taking your basics and you don’t know what to do after college the resources here at the new kiosk can help you find what major you should major in,” said Cris Soliz, one of the new mentors for the Career Kiosk. “You will take a questionnaire on what your interests are and the results will tell you which field would best suit you.”

Denise Mugabe, a business administration major, was thrilled with the new $54,000 kiosk, which was funded by the college’s Title V Program.

“This is an amazing opportunity, not only for the vision of our school, the vision of our community and the vision of our world,” Mugabe said. “We underestimate the value of such resources. There’s so many people around the world who would pray for these opportunities, to learn and expand their knowledge. It is such a blessing to be at a school that promotes such success.”

The facility is based on the concept that DMC students’ learning experiences are moving further into the 21st century. By advancing the technology to help students, Del Mar College can help students achieve their dreams.

“These facilities were designed for Del Mar students to research majors and the career opportunities they offer,” said Yazmin Diaz, Title V project assistant director. “We want our students fully prepared for the workforce, so the Career Resource Center was created as a tool to prepare them for what they can expect.”

If you are struggling to choose a field to pursue, check out the new Career Kiosk in the Harvin Center.



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