New rules result in changes to reporting of sexual assaults



Dominique Presley



There has been a recent change in the law of reporting sexual assault. It has now been federally mandated that college officials have to immediately report all alleged on-campus sexual assaults to local law enforcement agencies. Before the change, victims could decide whether to involve law enforcement. This does not mean that the victim is forced to cooperate with police.

According to Del Mar College records, the most recent report of sexual assault on campus occurred in 2011 on East Campus.

“Del Mar Colelge is a safe place to work and go to school,” said Kelly White, director of Safety, Health and Risk Management for the college.

East Campus has around-the-clock security that can be contacted at 698-1199.

“I believe that me and my security team from Guardsmark would be prepared in the event of sexual assault,” said Guardsmark Senior Supervisor Joe Jaramillo.Aggravated-assault

If you or someone you know has been attacked or is being abused it is important to report the incident. If you need to talk to someone with complete confidentiality call Del Mar’s counseling center, located in Room 233A of the Harvin Center, at 698-1586.

To file a complaint against a Del Mar student contact Dean Cheryl Garner at 698-1277 or, or visit her office in Room 204 of the Harvin Center. All other assault complaints should be directed to Tammy McDonald, director of human resources, at 698-2177 or

If you have been sexually assaulted do what you must to get to safety, then call 911. Do not shower, douche or change clothing. You and your clothing contain important evidence. Take pictures of any injury you have suffered. If changing is inevitable before police arrive put each item of clothing worn during the attack in separate paper bags. Paper bags allow the evidence to breathe, preserving it for longer. Do not use plastic bags. Get to a hospital and have a medical examination done as soon as possible to preserve physical evidence of an assault. If you file charges the state will pay for your medical exam. If you decide not to file charges you have to pay for the medical exam. After this process even if you do file charges your level of involvement is up to you.


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