Victoria Trevino/Foghorn
DMC faculty firefighters Scott Rasmusson (from left) and Doug Matthijetz help Marisa Matthijetz, Doug’s daughter, with the fire hose during a recruiting event April 16 on West Campus.
Victoria Trevino/Foghorn
Faculty members lit a car on fire and extinguished it during the event, which also including a tour of Public Safety Education facilities.


Joshua Johnson-White


The Del Mar College Regional Fire Academy held a recruiting event April 16 on West Campus, and things got a bit heated.
A car was set ablaze and extinguished by DMC faculty members in the academy. Participants, including several area high school students and their parents, also had a chance to tour the Public Safety Education facilities and learn how the program uses the two-story burn tower on West Campus for fire and rescue simulations.
Students in the DMC Regional Fire Academy learn skills including how to save a life using CPR, the basics of first aid, the behavior of fire, rappelling and using a self-contained breathing apparatus.
The event also allowed high school students and their parents to explore Del Mar College’s Dual Credit Program.

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