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Del Mar College’s Biology and Health Science Club is collecting items to be donated to Peewee’s Pet Adoption World and Sanctuary.

“We were looking for an on-campus activity to do,” said Justine Morris, treasurer of the Biology and Health Science Club. “So our historian, Trista Bishop, she’s really passionate about animals and she was the one who actually brought up the idea and thought it would be a great thing to get the students involved to donate.”

The drive has been going on for the past two months and just recently the Biology and Health Science Club decided to impose a deadline of April 23.

According to Morris, the club chose Peewee’s because it is a nonprofit, no-kill shelter that heavily relies on donations.

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“A lot of people have donated. We have two big boxes that are full of donations,” said Lillian Bass, associate professor of natural sciences. “We have had a really good turnout, I was really surprised at how many students have donated.”

Some of the main items that are needed include dry dog food, dry or wet cat food, paper towels and bleach. Donations can be dropped off inside the Harvin Center near the cafeteria, or inside the lobby area at the Garcia Science Building.

“It’s a wonderful thing for anybody to support us because we are a charity and we depend on donations or we cannot operate,” said Ernie Cochran, director at Peewee’s Pet Adoption World and Sanctuary.

Besides donating the items mentioned above, another way to help out the shelter is by volunteering, according to Cochran.

Donations are always accepted at Peewee’s Pet Adoption World and Sanctuary. If you are interested in helping out the shelter by donating items or volunteering, stop by the facility at 1307 Saratoga Blvd.

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